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Those of us who live in the target MPs’ constituencies (listed in the dropdown box below) can put pressure on that MP by sending a targeted email, letter, or social media post, by calling their office, meeting with them (virtually or in person), and by sharing our campaign. It’s super important that we also encourage local family, friends and neighbours to do the same.

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Search or browse for your MP or constituency in the dropdown below. When you select them, the correct email address and phone numbers will automatically appear in the following steps.

If you don't know your MP or constituency, find out at If your MP is not in the dropdown list below, they are not a target for this action..

There is still lots more you can do even if your MP isn’t one of our Tory targets – please jump to the section ‘OTHER ACTIONS’!

{{calls.length + (preActionCount + 1)}}. BOOK A VIRTUAL OR FACE-TO-FACE APPOINTMENT

MPs hold local surgeries, where constituents can meet with them to discuss matters of concern. These are one of the most direct and effective ways of reaching out to an MP.

Please see details below on your MP’s surgeries and how to book an appointment:


No details given on this MP's website

Please email or call to enquire.

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